Contract Negotiation Corporation creates customized business solutions matched to our clients’ business requirements based on proprietary market intelligence, knowledge of technology development, deployment and management, and experience in the areas of executive leadership and vendor negotiations. We specialize in contract negotiations for software, hardware, disaster recovery, upgrades, migrations, consulting, and outsourcing. We optimize pricing, licensing, terms and conditions, and vendor relationships while increasing flexibility and reducing business risks.

How We Compare:

Procurement Companies have expertise in market pricing, auctions, and general negotiation techniques. They are highly effective in obtaining favorable unit pricing, volume purchasing, and processing large quantities of orders and invoices. However, their focus is on commodity type products and they lack the knowledge of the technology markets and its deployments and usually do not offer customized solutions.

Industry Analyst Firms have the ability to collect market information from both vendors and the consumers, providing excellent base line information and general guidance. However, they use industry standard pricing and practices and do not customize solutions to the clients’ needs. These firms cannot maximize vendor performance without causing conflict because a portion of their revenue is generated from the vendors.

IT Consulting Firms are very skilled at assessing business requirements and developing and analyzing RFI/RFP documents. They have accumulated industry experience in implementations and provide guidance after the procurement process is completed. However, they have focused solutions that target business processes and usually don't have the market intelligence to validate product pricing and create custom licensing.

Contract Negotiation Corporation combines business analysis and in-depth knowledge of technology deployment and management with market information, customized license modeling, customized terms and conditions, and vendor relationship development without vendor partiality. This delivers optimized agreements with minimized cost, reduced risks, maximized flexibility and a right-sized solution that precisely matches business requirements.

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